Mediterranean Wanderlove

We’re a little (okay, a lot) obsessed with the Mediterranean. But it’s more than wanderlust, it’s wanderlove (see what we did there? :)) We’ve traveled the Mediterranean a good amount, and if our minds are wandering, we’re probably dreaming of a beach/garden/café there in a village overlooking the sea. With vibrant pink bougainvillea spilling over ancient stone walls. And a glass of local wine in hand. Don’t get us wrong, we love where we live (the German countryside and NYC suburbs). But if we could pack up and head anywhere in the Mediterranean at this moment, we probably would (husbands and kids in tow!). (Or maybe just a girls’ trip?! :)) The food, the light, the unhurried pace of life, the incredible natural beauty: they all come together for us creating this pristine feeling of groundedness and connection to something much bigger than ourselves.

The unhurried pace of life in the Mediterranean is particularly inspiring to us: the easygoing, more present approach to living and the time so effortlessly carved out to savor tightknit family, lifelong friends and moments of self-care and reflection. In our favorite corners of the Mediterranean, the good life is less about big houses and fancy cars and more about nature, craft, flavor and drinking in the surrounding local bounty. We find our minds are quieter in the Mediterranean, and our appreciation and gratitude for what’s really important in life so clear.

Based on our (healthy) obsession with the Mediterranean, we felt compelled to create a collection of organic body products that showcase its incredible natural ingredients, which hold benefits for both the skin and senses. Our mission was to encapsulate the essence of the Mediterranean in a bottle so we can return there anytime we want, even if just for a few minutes after a bath or shower at the end of a long day.


Each SAMANA product is created based on a favorite moment from time spent in the Mediterranean. We spend months choosing the perfect blend of essential oils for each product to capture the vibrant Mediterranean memories we want to relive, and share with you. Here is a snapshot of our scents and the inspiration behind them:


The Memory | 2011
A hidden, green citrus grove in Portugal near Tavira in the Algarve. We walked the grounds of our bed and breakfast and discovered a tiny citrus grove behind the main building, surrounded by Cypress trees. Our al fresco dinner there that night was flavored with fresh citrus and herbs from the grounds; we were at one of three candlelit tables and the food was made from scratch in the kitchen by the local proprietor herself.

The Scent
Vitality is SAMANA’s signature scent and is a lively, delicate blend of Lemon, Cypress and Rosemary essential oils to refresh and energize. The sparkling citrus notes perfectly balance with the green herbs for a fresh, feminine fragrance.



The Memory | 2007
Endless rows of Lavender in France near Saint-Auban-sur-l'Ouvèze in Provence. The fresh air the Provencal farm we visited was infused with the heady scent of Lavender, known for its ability to calm the mind. We remember walking through sundrenched fields in the late afternoon, breathing in the Lavender-laced air and feeling completely at ease.

The Scent
Tranquility is a lush floral blend of Lavender, Rose and Ylang Ylang that is serene and sophisticated. Clean, herbaceous Lavender balances beautifully with sweet, airy Rose for a peaceful, calming fragrance that can help melt away stress.