Love Note

Why, hello gorgeous!

SAMANA is our love note to you, a celebration of all you are, and well-deserved acknowledgement for all you do. We’re passionate about beauty and home fragrance products and amazing natural ingredients; but our intention is for SAMANA to be much more to you than body oils and candles.

Our vision is to reshape the way women look at beauty. Beauty is inspiring. For us, it’s not about competition, trying to look like someone we’re not or getting caught up in what others think of us. Sometimes beauty can feel like something external—what we look like on the surface as judged by outside standards. At SAMANA, we think beauty is about turning inward, caring for ourselves, and mirroring that back out into the world. We are all extraordinary, beautiful and unique. Let’s embrace this, own it, and be proud of it! Beauty is not out of reach; we already have it. We are it. SAMANA is a celebration of this.

Our mission is for you to reconnect with your beauty (inside and out) every day. We get it – finding time for yourself is really hard. But here’s what we discovered. Whether we have 2 hours or 2 minutes of me time today, taking a moment to care for ourselves and our beauty works wonders. Because we not only deserve it, it’s as vital to our health and happiness as breath itself. Carving out time to care for ourselves is not optional!

SAMANA is about basking in the present and savoring today. For us, the ultimate daily decadence is wrapping ouselves in the beautifying goodness of nature. Call us crazy, but we think me time should be genuinely good for you! The SAMANA moment is about enveloping your skin and senses in truly good-for-you ingredients and inspiring natural aromas. And while you’re at it, acknowledging yourself, all your efforts, and all you’re grateful for. The result? You’ll look, smell and feel amazing. Our body oils will leave your skin as soft as rose petals and glowing. But our favorite benefit is the empowered feeling you’ll carry with you, knowing that if all else fails today: you took a moment to care for yourself and celebrate all that you are.

Here’s what we know for sure: everything in life comes down to love. Loving and caring for ourselves and others is a balanced two-way street of giving and taking. Acknowledging and celebrating our unique beauty and talents is a self-reflective step on our journey of lifelong learning. It’s discovering that loving ourselves makes it so much easier to love others, to let go of judgment and to embrace positivity. So even as we pursue self-improvement (looking at you, 6am yoga class), let’s have gratitude and love for who we are right now—which is exactly who we’re supposed to be at this moment.

Much love,