About Us


SAMANA is all-natural body care and home fragrance imagined in the Mediterranean, designed in New York and made in California. We’re a fun and intrepid team of women and our clean, easy, effective products invite beauty with intention.

Our intention is to inspire you to embrace your beauty and celebrate the amazing person you are.

The inspirations behind SAMANA are our passion for the Mediterranean (our happy place!) and pure, natural ingredients. We love finding ways to infuse both into our beauty routines and self care.

The name SAMANA means “embrace” in Sanskrit, the beautiful language of yoga (our other happy place :)) In all we do at SAMANA, we embrace:

  • The power of natural ingredients and their incredible benefits for the skin and senses

  • The genuine, one-of-a-kind beauty we each possess

  • Must-have moments of me time to care for and center ourselves


Our products are truly 100% natural. They’re completely free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. As moms (and wives, daughters, friends), we’re on a mission to use as many truly natural products as we can in our daily lives. Knowing the skin can absorb over 60% of what we put on it, we think natural, chemical-free products make a lot of sense for healthy living. At SAMANA, beauty goes hand in hand with true well-being – and for us, clean, nurturing products are a big part of looking and feeling our best.

If you’d like to learn more about the chemical ingredients we avoid at SAMANA, click here.



We’re all so focused on giving – caring for others, our work, our homes. In our over-scheduled and distracted lives, simplicity and self-care are the ultimate luxuries. SAMANA products are designed to cultivate moments for you to return to yourself and honor your accomplishments, big and small. Self-care and self-acknowledgement are not optional (!) and are deserved by every single one of us. 

A balance between giving and taking in our lives is as vital to our health and beauty as breathing itself. Our intention is that SAMANA will inspire you to find moments for me time as often as you can—learning that taking time to celebrate and care for yourself makes loving those around you so much easier and more rewarding.


Images shot on location in Nice, France :)